It is also necessary to be able to properly relax, because busy working days can turn into stress for the body. That is why health professionals recommend regular visits to spas, sanatoriums or just more often in nature, away from the bustle of the city.

In modern times, become very popular spa-salons that offer their visitors a huge selection of cosmetic and Wellness procedures aimed at eliminating the causes of stress, fatigue and just bad mood. But what if You have never been to such an institution and do not know how to behave, what to take with you and what awaits you there. That's what we are today and try to find out in our article about what you need to know when you first visit the Spa.

What to wear at the Spa?

If you managed to escape from a series of working days or decided to visit the Spa area, it is worth knowing that the outfit you can be any, but it is best to wear comfortable, not restraining movement clothes. In all prestigious beauty salons, to move indoors offer sterile, disposable clothing, which includes: Bathrobe, towels, Slippers, hat, and sometimes even panties. However, what really should not wear, so it's accessories. If you have any before the procedure, they will have to be removed.

Which swimsuit to take with you?

If you are going to swim in the pool or visit the Hammam / sauna, bring a bathing suit in which you will be comfortable, it can be a swimsuit closed view or bikini. In favor of the latter, it can be noted that it will be much more convenient for you, especially if you are waiting for several procedures. The advantage of a bikini is that it opens access to all intimate parts of the body, while not exposing the owner completely. In the end, you can just wrap yourself in a towel, which you have to give. However, moving through the corridors from one treatment room to another, it is better to wear a Bathrobe and Slippers.

How to behave?

By and large, it is worth behaving as in any other public institutions, where other people besides you rest, so observe silence and respect the peace of others. Mobile phone should be left or put on "air-mode", so as not to disturb other visitors. You will also need to fill out a questionnaire in which you should specify your preferences or antipathy to events, for example, if you are not satisfied with a male massage therapist, be sure to report it.

Combine useful with pleasant

On the eve of the beach season is very relevant procedures aimed at reducing excess weight, and in the spa salon, it is not only effective, but also pleasant. For example, the Wellness center "Pearl Spa" offers a completely new program to eliminate unwanted pounds and slim figure modeling under the flashy name - " Bomb!"Hurry up to get your body in order to a new holiday season by booking for yourself a pass to the Spa center because in this case, you get a discount! The procedure for performing this fat-burning procedure includes a unique combination of cavitation with the use of unique equipment and hydro massage.

Complete relaxation

In the Spa area, you can completely relax and not be shy of your body, as often happens, for example, during a massage. As a rule, in good centers work professionals who have seen a lot during their work, so relax and have fun. In the end, that's what you'll pay your money for. But very shy ladies hurry to calm down: before the procedure, you will be left alone, so you can undress and comfortably sit on the massage table under the sheet. The masseur will ask to bare only necessary sites of a body, but if conservative views do not allow you even it, it is possible to demand the woman-the masseur about what you will have to inform in advance.